More Than Clay: Living Life Unashamed


More Than Clay: Living Life Unashamed

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This book is for the everyday believer. In 14 Chapters, it helps to recognize our value, own our calling, and discover the confidence of an identity in Christ. At the end of each chapter you will find "Reflection Questions" great for individuals or small group use!

Written by Greg McKinney, the Co-founder and main writer of Declare Glory. Find more information about him in Declare Glory's "About Page."

"Shame is the deep feeling of not being good enough. And honestly, it is everywhere. But the overwhelming power of Christ calls us to fight those lies and stand unashamed as His followers." 

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We are jars of clay. 

Yes. We are made from the dirt and dull in color: jars of clay.

On the outside, we appear pretty simple and ordinary. But inside, deep in the core of who we are, shines something else. God tells us that “in Christ” our clay-ness is no longer the extent of who we are. He says that inside of us is something that makes us more than just a simple jar; something that is truly extraordinary.

But if you are like me, then you, too, are hit with an obstacle.

No matter how often we are told of our new life in Christ, there seems to be a part of us that continually doubts and questions it. No matter how many years are tacked onto our spiritual life, there seems to be something—or someone—that always wants our focus to be elsewhere.

In fact, every day we are met by a voice that leads us to become so caught up in only seeing our outer view of clay that we hardly take notice of the true treasure that is inside.

And if we are completely honest, on the outside, all we tend to see are the cracks, scratches, and dents in our clay—marks made by our past choices. Every one of them provides reminders of our shortcomings. Yet with this perception, we tend to be frozen and fed the lie that all we are is clay or dirt. And this is exactly where the world and our enemy want us to be.

But this should not be so.
What would life be like if we truly believed that we are More Than Clay?