Day 1: Kingdom Pace

I have always struggled with control and pride. And if you think about it, these two seem to go hand-in-hand. I think that I am capable, so I control things. I know my gifts and talents, so I take charge in most situations. I am confident in my abilities, so I step in and get the job done. And most of the time, good things result.

Day 2: Shifts in Reality

Our journey in life is made up of many different twists and turns; times of pure joy and laughter, other times of sadness and unexpected loss. It is in these times that we truly get to see who we are becoming as an individual. Our experiences help shape us into who we are intended to be. You are a part of an amazing and beautiful mess of a story, one God wants to tell.

Day 5: Steps of Courage

I’ve read this passage hundreds of times and I’ve heard it preached on about the same amount. Yet the other day as I was re-reading it, I started to view it from Joshua’s perspective. He had just been handed the reigns to a nation and the unknown was before them. Fear was probably running through him, "Can I do this? What will we face? Will I make the right choices? Am I good enough? Will the people even listen to me? Am I prepared?"

Day 9: United Purpose

In 2014, God asked me to take time being single, getting to know Him more and coming to accept who He says I am. During that time, I fell in love with the Lord and His character more than ever before and I was faced with the truth that above all else, I am loved and He calls me daughter.