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Our Story & plan:

Formerly @ReadingTruth, we began as an Instagram account aimed at providing free summer devotions for a local Student Ministry. As that first summer progressed, the account gained over 5,000 followers. Rather quickly, our "summer devotional" gained a higher purpose and a greater vision...now hosting over 18,000 followers.

So why @DeclareGlory? Why the name change? Well, as the community grew, a couple questions consistently ran through our minds... "Why are we doing this?" "What is God's will for this account?" "Where is this going?" And when it came to @ReadingTruth, our consistent answers of silence led us towards a conclusion: we needed to either quit @ReadingTruth or discover God's will for what it should be. And during this time, clarity came. We were given a name - a mission - that, on its own, proclaimed the answer to all of our questions. Everything that we do is for the declaration of God's glory.

And in the years that followed, this online ministry was teamed up with Greg and Kate McKinney’s (the DG founders) calling to plant a local church, make Glory Church the next piece to this grand, God-designed puzzle.

Declare Glory is now the online outreach ministry of Glory Church, offering people all of the world with easy avenues of reading and engaging with God’s word.

Together, may we #DECLAREGLORY.


Greg McKinney

Founder & Main Writer

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I am a pastor, husband, father, and author. I have a deep passion for people, their stories, their marriages, and God's greater call on their life. I enjoy writing, preaching/teaching, running, working out, and mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Really though...I would eat a large bowl daily if my wife (and budget) would allow.

Fun fact: I love SUPERMAN. I'm a fan-man.

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Greg's book, "More Than Clay: Living Life Unashamed" is available in our online store! Find it HERE.

Kate McKinney

Co-Writer & Content Creator

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I live in a charming town in Northwest Arkansas with my growing family of five. I am a Youth Pastor’s wife and a stay-at-home mom. So naturally, I live between church, home, and the occasional date night to Target. I love cooking, baking, and crafting when I get the freedom to. I am also really good at overthinking things and have found writing to be a great remedy... My passion is for the woman, the wife, and the mother.

Fun fact: I am a ballerina at heart.

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Kate also hosts an online blog full of great content and AMAZING recipes. She encourages the heart and fills the belly (yes, Greg wrote this part). You can find it HERE.

Community Contributor's

Guest Writers & Creatives

We could not do what we do without our contributor writers and creatives! With every study, we have multiple guest writers who submit pieces by request to fill up the study and add other voices of wisdom for our readers. They are friends, both new and old, that add such a depth to @DeclareGlory's greater mission.