In the unknowns, take heart.


It has been roughly a month and a half since coming clean to the world about our family’s BIG church planting adventure. And though much good has happened in this little time, many growing unknowns have continued to surface… And we would love your prayers. Though our move to Kansas City, MO is still a few months away, it is closing in quite quickly.

It is like we are driving straight ahead with broken headlights in the pitch black, with screaming kids who demand all the things; like food, water, attention, answers, constant refereeing, approval to use the potty, and a laid out agenda for every second of the day. Yes, the metaphor got a little too real…

And as our little (big) family urges forward on this calling, we would love to share with you some PRAISES and some PRAYER REQUESTS…


  1. Our church family and student ministry is fully supportive of this move.

  2. We have collected a team of 12+ people to join our Launch Team (the + being kids)

  3. We have made some pretty BIG connections in KC that may have opened some cool doors (yes, this is intentionally vague for now)

  4. We have 14 COMMITTED monthly supporters! Out of the needed 60…but we will stay with the positives!

  5. Our kids have been extra supportive in cleaning, prepping our home, and even letting go of some of their toys/clothes. It has been precious seeing this grow in them.

  6. We may have found a HOUSE! It is staying off the market (so there isnt a hurry) and the owner specifically wants it for a growing family who will raise their kids there. We got to meet him, share our story with him, and things may work out!


  1. Sanity. We are juggling so many things at once; Ending well at CCF, a major annual student event coming in March, tending to our family’s needs, Kate’s business with YL, getting our house packed and ready to be sold, house shopping/prepping, support raising, vision casting, building a team, finding a space for the church, and so much more. Crazy, right?

  2. Getting into the RIGHT school. Jack and Traeh are going to Kindergarten next year, which means we are not just thinking about homes, but school systems. And there is a deadline to apply to most charter schools…but you have to have an MO address to apply. Pray that we can make the deadline AND get accepted in a school where they could thrive in a safe and healthy environment.

  3. That the 14 would turn into 60. In order for our family to move, we must first be fully funded. Though this is daunting, we have faith that people will stand with us in our vision for Glory Church. Our giving need is listed out on our website, separating our monthly need into smaller segments for people to claim. Pray that our support team fills up FULLY this next month.

  4. That more people would join the Glory Church Launch Team. Pray that our leadership, mission, and vision would resonate deeply with people in a way that urges them to join in! We would love a diverse team of over 75 people to help us launch… and we will need to fill “staff” positions of a Worship Director/Pastor and a Children’s Director/Pastor. Pray that the Lord brings them our way soon!

  5. A home and a worship space. Though we have experienced open doors for each of these, there are also DOZENS of unknowns that come along with them both. Pray that we will have wisdom and clarity as we continue on… and that more doors would continue to open (or close) as God sees fit.

Thank you so much for your prayers! And you can learn more about how to join in on what we are doing by visiting our website:

From Glory to Glory,
Greg & Kate McKinney



The transition from @ReadingTruth into @DeclareGlory, though for the best, it was definitely a difficult one. That season was full of strife and confusion. As a family (and as individuals), we were worn out and putting way to much of ourselves into what we thought "Reading Truth" should be...