Our Miracles Devotional is BACK, better than ever.

The transition from @ReadingTruth into @DeclareGlory, though for the best, it was definitely a difficult one. That season was full of strife and confusion. As a family (and as individuals), we were worn out and putting way to much of ourselves into what we thought "Reading Truth" should be.

One of the products of this strife was our Miracles Study, a 35-day journey through each miracle of Jesus. We did it as a study for Lent. We put much into it. Many hours. Many details. And though we learned so much about God's grace, power, and authority...we also learned about our fears, doubts, selfishness, and vanity.

It was a time of such growth...and pruning. Shortly after the Miracle Study published, we felt like Reading Truth was coming to an end. We disliked how much value we placed in follows, in likes, and in sales. The smallest of flaws meant the biggest of failures. And this took such a toll on our family and marriage.

This is when the season of Declare Glory came. We took a break. We took some time to focus. Pray. Let go. And revaluate. We knew that one day, we would pick the Miracles Study back up, dust it off, edit the flaws, fix the mistakes, and update the branding... Yet at the same time, we wanted to let it breathe.

BUT LAST WEEK, after a year of change, we finally finished the update, submitted it to our printers, and are now awaiting the beauty, truth, and power of this study. If your heart is in need of faith, this daily devotional is a must. The stories of Jesus' miracles are powerful for our heart, beckoning us to believe in Him more and more each day. 

"So...WHAT IS DIFFERENT?" you ask.

- Well, we fixed the grammar errors, for sure.
- Also, in taking out the "Lent" focus, we allowed this to be a study that can accommodate any season, any life, and any individual.
- We also added in SO MUCH MORE ART. We have found that people love teaming God's word up with beauty and elegance. So, throughout the study is Scripture art, beautiful featuring theme verses found in the devotions.
- And QUESTIONS. Points of application are big for us at Declare Glory. We are not just reading truth, we are engaging with it, being changed by it (pun intended). So, each day has questions, challenges, and practical commands to take action with.

Wanna SEE IT?! Here are some interior looks:
And you can purchase your copy for just $14.99 HERE.