"We are Different..." // A Declare Glory Testimony

Here is our FIRST EVER Declare Glory testimony; a real life story from our community. 

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"I have followed Declare Glory for a year now. One day, I noticed on Instagram they were having a percentage off on their devotionals. I followed the link to their website and purchased Seasons. I’m not sure why I chose that particular devotional, but I did. Initially I did it alone because I didn’t think my husband would be interested. I completed the first two pages by myself, and I loved it instantly.

Unfortunately, my schedule got busy so I put it off.  A week or so went by and I told myself I really needed to get back to it. So one night when my family was having dinner, I mentioned it to my husband. I told him I’d like for us to do it together, and he actually agreed!

We started it together on day three. We did the devotional, talked about stuff we didn’t want to talk about, I prayed for us, and we went to bed. We continued this for a week or so until I went to Maryland with my family. We tried to do it over the phone but it wasn’t the same. We ended up waiting until I got back home to continue.

When I got back home from vacation, I noticed my husband John becoming more willing to do it, and initiating prayer for us and over us. Not only that, but the devotional brought up things we needed to talk about. We talked about his belief of who/what God is, my unfaithfulness, our finances, our desires as a married couple, and what we both wanted for the future. Through this time, John found Jesus.

We have laughed, cried, yelled, prayed, hoped, and dreamed over this devotional for about 25 days now.

Y’all we aren’t even finished. But this devotional has helped us learn to forgive each other for a lot of mistakes we have both made and never talked about. Most of all it put God at the very top of our marriage. We were not living before this devotional, we were just existing without a rhyme or reason. We now have a purpose and want to glorify Him with our testimony.

We see each other in a lot better light. Without God and this devotional, I know for sure that our marriage would not be where it is. But God has made our marriage stronger and better than ever before.

No one is perfect, NO ONE. Everyone has doubts, scars, and bruises. You may not see them but they are there. Just like God, you may not see Him but I promise you, He is there. He knows about your doubts, scars, and bruises. He loves you and He will heal your broken heart.

My husband John is a welder and I am a photographer. Our desire to be the best we can be, for our son is what is most important to us. We have both prayed for better employment opportunities. In 26 days of doing this devotional with my husband, not only is our marriage stronger but I have booked 7 Weddings in two weeks, that is one more than I had for the entire year of 2017. My husband got a $4 raise 3 days ago, and our financial situation is much better. We have learned through prayer and God's timing to be humble, faithful servants. Trust me, that is a gift far greater than any financial situation we will have.

As long as we serve a God who is grater, we will always be rich in His love. 

I am grateful to the Declare Glory family for bringing us peace in this uncertain world. They are truly doing God’s work and our testimony is proof of how great our God truly is.

Thank you so much Declare Glory - I can’t wait to purchase our next devotional!"

Testimony by: Jessica and John Chandler
Instagram: @JessicaChandler1020
Website: https://www.jessicachandlerphotography.com


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